The epic and ominous orchestration during the opening credits of 'Game of Thrones' goes a long way to setting the show's dark and brutal tone. As openings go, it's pretty close to perfect. At least we thought so until we saw Eric Calderone's heavy metal version of the theme. Now we are questioning whether the opening would be even better if it included some blazing guitar licks.

Eric Calderone is starting to get pretty well-known for his heavy metal adaptations of music from popular culture. His bang-your-head version of LMFAO 'Sexy and I Know It' was a big viral hit earlier this year, and videos in which he gives the heavy metal treatment to 'Skyrim' and Skrillex have over a million views.

Check out some of our favorite Calderone covers below. As the guy with the black Judas Priest T-shirt who used to hang around by the 7-11 once told us, "Everything is better with metal."