It was another fun week on 'Game of Thrones.' Last night's episode, 'Walk of Punishment,' followed the pretty standard (which is not to say not awesome) formula of people talking blahblahblah, Tyrion jokes, more people talking, boobs, more talk--OH MY GOD WHAT?!!?!!???!!! WHAT JUST HAPPENED??! And then the episode is over.

We've rounded up some GIFs from around the web to give you a recap of last night's rollicking good time. SPOILERS: this is a show that just aired last night. There are going to be some spoilers, come on. Also it's a HBO show with tons of gore and nudity, so some of these GIFs might fall on the NSFW side.

Robb Stark is fairly amused that his uncle Edmure can't hit his grandfather's funeral boat with a flaming arrow, probably because he hates Edmure for disobeying him and going to battle for a mill. Stupid Edmure.


 Thankfully, Blackfish is actually competent, and nails it with one shot.

Meanwhile, Cersei and Tyrion are being SUPER-MATURE at the council meeting. Just kidding, CHAIR WAR!!!!! Also, now Tyrion is the Master of Coin, since the mayor from 'The Wire' is off to Harrenhal.


Captives Brienne and Jaime Lannister have a sort of sweet moment while tied together on a horse, if talking about how the other person is going to get raped later that night is sweet.

Arya, who is not a prisoner, but actually kind of is, is heading off with Gendry and the rest of the Brotherhood without Banners. Hot Pie decides to stay behind, because it turns out he is really good at baking wolf-shaped bread. But weirdly enough not pies.


Bye, Hot Pie!


Up North, Jon and the Wildings (you can have that band name idea) find the hip art installation left behind by the White Walkers, AKA a bunch of dismembered horse pieces arranged in a tasteful spiral pattern.

Theon was not so successful with his escape attempt, but just before his captors could get their revenge prison-style, his as-yet nameless liberator shows up and murderlizes everybody. Then he gives Theon time to pull his pants up before helping him off the ground.

Meanwhile the Khaleesi trades one of her dragons for all of the Unsullied slave warriors PLUS the translator who has been very friendly in her translations. She seems pretty confident.


Later, Jaime Lannister talks Bolton's men out of raping Brienne, by telling them of the riches they could get just for NOT raping her. (Yeah, this episode was a tad rape-y.) It seems they like Brienne more than they like Jaime, because the promises of riches wasn't enough to keep them from CHOPPING OFF HIS HAND!!!


Also, Tyrion's squire Podrick lost his v-card, which means he's probably going to die soon according to horror film rules, and that crazy fire lady is off to look for some hot King blood (her words, not ours.) Oh, and here's the song from the credits. You're welcome.