Nothing says "Labor Day Weekend" quite like a jumbo inflatable Rastafari hat. Although we typically see them in pools because they're buoyant and perfect for rafts or water toys, inflatables come in all shapes and sizes, from bouncy castles to funky hairdos and have just what it takes to kick your party up from "regular barbecue" to "an unforgettable gigantic air-filled wonderland that could float away in an instant." The suspense!

Check out these wacky inflatables we found. We have the usual pool toys in some unusual shapes. We also have some surprising inflatable hair-dos and things whose very existence boggles the mind. Their only purpose must be to rock the party right. Take a look.

Rasta Hat

We can safely say that no one will be fooled by this inflatable hat, but it is perfect for dress up or costume parties. These shiny locks may not be real, but they're portable, waterproof and stand over two feet tall! Who says growing out masterful Rasta locks is a lifetime endeavor? Visit this website to purchase one of your own.

Inflatable Walker

We thought this was a fun party gift for your mean grandpa, but apparently it is just a toy and should not be used for support. Therefore, people who need a walker in order to walk should not use this, people going to a nursing home themed-party (the pudding! the bingo! the possibilities!) definitely should. To buy this walker, click here.

Inflatable Starfighter

A kid may be featured in this picture, but we at TheFW not-so-secretly want this awesome pool toy. Imagine all the space wars you could get into with this baby. You can buy this floating fighter here.

Giant Inflatable Rocking Horse

This huge pool toy looks like tons of fun for a summer day. Inflatable? Check. Giant? Check. A little weird? Check. But is it just us, or does this look like a giant floating hot dog with a face? A little creepy? Check. Confuse your neighbors and buy this toy here.

Giant Inflatable Beehive Hair

For all the ladies who were jealous of their man's Rasta Inflatable, but wanted something a bit more demure, we've got you covered. Here's your very own beehive hairdo. You may stand out on the 'Mad Men' set, but we think it looks flattering on anybody. If you'd like to try it on, just click here.

Inflatable Bikini

Believe it or not, this inflatable bikini can actually be used as a safety flotation device. This life "jacket" can supposedly save lives by preventing drowning. Well, at least it will increase your chances of being saved by a lifeguard -- no one will be able to miss this bouncing body.

Inflatable Halloween Haunted House

What's dark, and scary, and... bouncy? 17-feet-long and 12 feet high, this monstrous Halloween castle is big enough for trick-or-treaters or a scary party. It looks like it's fun during the day time, but as soon as the sun sets we will not be hanging around this creepy abode.

Inflatable Teapot

At first when we saw this pic, we thought it was the coolest smushiest looking teapot! Unfortunately, after doing a little snooping, we found out that it was just artfully crafted porcelain to look like it was inflatable. A disappointing realization for sure, but we'll definitely be on the look out in the future for some bouncy teapots.

Ten-Foot-Tall Dentures

The only thing more funny than a pair of chattering teeth is a giant pair of chattering teeth! While they may not actually chatter, they have one thing the classic version doesn't -- intimidation by size.

Inflatable Dog

We'd love to have this guard dog. He may not have the bite of a Doberman but  you can't deny that his height is imposing. Plus, he's bouncy, a trait we obviously cherish.