We've seen image-in-image videos involving frames in the HP 'Picture Book' ad that was all over your TV back in 2007, and in the intro to 'Modern Family.'

But filmmakers Steve Allan and Ben Boutwell take the concept to an amazing new place  in a short that is currently going viral. Behold the magical power of frames (and video technology) in 'Frame of Mind.'

According to Alan, it took about 40 hours in post-production to make the one minute clip. The editing software they used was After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

The video is set in Hawaii, and that song which fits so well with the video's joyful vibe is The Avett Brothers'  'Kick Drum Heart.'

Below are the HP commercial and 'Modern Family' intro which Alan says inspired their short. What's impressive is how much better their effort is than their predecessors. While this speaks highly of their skills, it also highlights how far readily available editing software has come.