To survive war, you've got to become war. As this video shows, it also helps if you're tiny and made of hard plastic!

Francois Fenelon once said, "All wars are civil wars because all men are brothers." Does that apply to plastic Army men as well?

The battles between the tan and green Army men have been waging war since the infancy of molded, manufactured plastic. And apparently, it hasn't stopped. The battle is still being waged to this day on desks across the world. When will the horror end?

The YouTube studio Slip Shot Films embedded themselves in a recent skirmish on their desk. Somehow they managed to survive the slaughter and piece together the footage in this eye-opening piece of film.

Wasn't that heart wrenching? When will these two warring factions find peace and stop fighting on our desktops? Besides, we've got work we need to finish.