Fiat and Volkswagen have had a long standing rivalry between them and not just with their car sales.

Both companies' headquarters are located in Sweden and Fiat noticed a Volkswagen speeding in the front of their building on Google Maps' Street View. So they got the ingenious idea to do the same to their neighborly competitor.

Some employees took one of their Fiat 500s and drove it over to the company's massive offices just as Google's Street View car was driving past the building. They parked the Fiat 500 right in front of the front door where the Street View vehicle snapped a picture of their car "photobombing" the Volkswagen building.

Apparently, it has stayed there ever since because Google Maps still has a shot of the hot rod red Fiat parked in front of VW's building. It gets worse for Volkswagen. When Google takes a picture of something for its Street View option, it stays that way for at least a year. That means every time someone pulls up the Volkswagen building on Google Mpas, Fiat will get a year's worth of free advertising out of it.

We're sure this is just the first shot fired in the long standing rivalry between the two companies. Volkswagen is probably planning their revenge for Fiat's building very soon. We just hope the two don't resort to anything that requires some kind of nuclear treaty signing.