The person/creative genius behind the Tumblr Famous Album Covers Recreated With My Socks offers no clues as to their motivation for mimicking famous album covers with what is generally the stinkiest of all items of clothing. Instead the site simply contains a title and the expertly manipulated socks, offered without any further explanation.

At first glance the handiwork is quite good. Although with no other works of this type of garment art to compare it with we can't really gauge how difficult it was to accomplish.

Some of the socks, like the ones that make up the cover for The Strokes' debut album 'Is This It,' appear to be dirty. Others, like the ones made to look like the cover of the legendary Pink Floyd album 'The Dark Side of The Moon,' appear to be freshly laundered.

The complete digitization of music may well one day spell the end of the album cover. Socks, however, face no such threat of extinction. Think about that when you take a look at more "Famous Album Covers Recreated With Socks."