We all laughed at the fact that our childhood game of 'Battleship' was horrifyingly turned into a movie, but our worst fears were just beginning. A trio of Utah filmmakers were inspired by this latest box-office flop to give the game of Tetris the same treatment.

"If Battleship gets its own movie, why not Tetris?" is how the collective, which goes by the name Warialasky, explained their spoof project. Yes, the 'Tetris' movie is most definitely not in the works -- sorry for scaring you -- but have you ever worried about what would happen if giant Tetri-minos started relentlessly attacking earth? If so, the sum of all your fears is below.

Watch the Spoof 'Tetris' Movie Trailer

"You created them, you can destroy them!" yells the protagonist as giant geometric shapes rain down upon New York and Paris. If Michael Bay ever sees this trailer, Tetris may well become a real movie.

The footage was actually shot in and around Salt Lake City, with the trailer's look getting spruced up in post production. "We spent five days just not sleeping," is how Landon Sperry, who makes up Warialasky with his brother Casen and friend Mike Brown, described the process.

Check Out Behind-the-Scenes Footage from the 'Tetris' Movie