Increasingly, Americans are saying they don't trust the folks who bring us the news. Despite this, actor Dan Hodapp was able to pose as a TV reporter named Mike Holland and trick New Yorkers into believing some pretty ridiculous things had happened. Watch this prank from the folks at Jest.

We do have to say that his first fake news item -- that Kim Kardashian is running for California state senate -- is a bit unfair. KK actually did make noise about running for mayor of Glendale, California earlier this year, so we really can't blame anyone for thinking she was also deluded enough to make a run for state office. (Although saying they would vote for her, as one lost soul did, is a little more difficult to explain.)

As for the fake news such as Germany has just invaded Poland and the Vatican is canonizing Tim Tebow? What can we say? Even cynical New Yorkers can be absurdly gullible when faced with an fellow with a mic and good TV hair.

Would you have believed any of the fake news items? You can be honest, we won't judge.