Before you dub this as animal cruelty, just know that explosives are only one of the options being considered to deal with a batch of frosty bovine. A group of lost cows wandered into an old ranger cabin high in the Rocky Mountains, but froze to death when they got stuck and couldn't get out. Now, forest rangers are weighing their options as to how to get rid of the cows before spring.

The carcasses were discovered by two Air Force Academy cadets who went hiking in the snow, soaked in Conundrum Hot Springs (that really is the name) and then decided to spend the night at the abandoned cabin. But when they found dead cows frozen solid inside, plans changed and they reported the matter to the US Forest Reserve. Forest officials are now considering one of three options: let nature take its course on the cows, burn the cabin with cows inside or blow them up using explosives.

Quite a conundrum given the location, Gunnison National Forest, a wilderness area where vehicles are prohibited.

As for the soldiers whose plans were ruined, watch the news report to see how they took 'revenge' on the cows.

[Via Huffington Post Weird News]