Everybody needs a hobby. But when your favorite pastime makes you infamous on the internet, maybe it's time to rethink what you do in your spare time. To wit: a train watcher goes seriously bonkers as he films a vintage Heritage 1953 EA train engine. In fact, he might even give Double Rainbow Guy a run for his money in terms of sheer maniacal glee.

Sure, we like trains too, but this is something we largely grew out of after childhood. This person, however -- this full grown man -- waits with breathless anticipation as the train slowly begins to pull away from a station.

Once the train blows its horn, he completely loses it. "Oh my God! Whoo! Listen to that horn! Oh my God! She's beautiful!" he screams.

And when he sees that another engine is being towed behind, his head darn near explodes. "Oh, we're gonna watch this! Oh, this is special!" he gushes. "Oh, that horn gives me the chills!"

Yeah, we just got chills too, but for a totally different reason.