'Saturday Night Live' is back after a few weeks off with Eli Manning and musical guest Rihanna.

The New York Giants' quarterback is the second sports figure to host the show this season, following Charles Barkley. To get ready for his big night, Manning shot the traditional mid-week promos with cast members Jason Sudeikis and Kenan Thompson. Take a look.

In the clip, Manning reveals that Thompson knows nothing about football and jumps at the opportunity to have Kristen Wiig make him wear a dress. (Perhaps Eli's taking this hosting gig a bit too far.)

Just like on the football field, Eli's 'SNL' performance will inevitably be compared to his older brother's. Petyon Manning hosted the show back in 2007, and garnered universal praise for his comedic chops -- in particular for a sketch he starred in spoofing the NFL's United Way commercials.

Do you think Eli will measure up? He seems natural enough in the promos for a guy who isn't a traditional entertainer. To get a taste of what may be coming, check out this spoof of buddy cop shows Eli did with Peyton for Direct TV last year.