Then: Before he began hosting the weekday version of 'Yo! MTV Raps' with Andre ''Doctor Dre'' Brown in 1988, Lover was a part of the hip hop group No Face, which was popular on the underground music scene. During his time on the show, Lover (A.K.A. James Roberts) became known for his catchphrase ("C'mon son!") as well as a dance of his own invention that he fitting called "The Ed Lover Dance."

Now: By the mid-90s, Lover was branching out from MTV.  In 1996, he briefly worked as a correspondent on the pre-Jon Stewart version of 'The Daily Show,' and from there his appearances on MTV became less and less frequent. Since 2009, Lover's been offering his thoughts on pop culture and celebrity scandal on his web series, 'C'mon Son!' You can catch up with Lover, and check out his latest venture here.