It's a cruel world sometimes. Strangers treat each other with contempt and fear because they're always fearing the worst about them. We're more likely to fling a curse word at someone than a kind word. Even the act of giving someone a compliment makes someone naturally paranoid. One courageous YouTuber tried to change all that.

took a joy ride around Los Angeles, one of the most notoriously unfriendly cities in the world, with a public address system attached to the top of his car. Anyone who passed by his car earned a free, heartfelt compliment.

The responses were the most interesting part. Some of his targets were nice and appreciative for the compliments on their looks, work or grooming regime. Others, however, stared at him as if he had just flung a giant insult their way. It says a lot about who we are and how we treat each other as a species. See all the reactions in the video below.