As Nicky, the Pomeranian in this cute video, turns two-years-old (or 13 in dog years), he prepares for the traditional Jewish celebration of becoming a man. We're talking about, of course, a "Bark Mitzvah."

In this coming of age ritual, which has recently become a craze among dog owners, Nicky dons a yarmulke and a tuxedo, and even receives a blessing. Did he get a matzo bone?

But some criticize the booming "Bark Mitzvah" novelty as "degrading" toward the real bar mitzvah tradition, especially since Jewish young adults prepare for the event through years of study.

What do you think? Do "Bark Mitzvahs" fly in the face of sacred tradition? Or are they all in good fun? Watch Nicky's big day below and tell us in the comments.

[via BuzzFeed]