Devices like the iPhone and the iPad have done some amazing things for society. They have given us portable computers we can access from just about anywhere. They allow us to check our stocks, review bank accounts and pay bills all at once.

But on the other hand, not all of its uses are very productive, or useful, or even make any sense. Take, for instance, the latest innovation in bandage-related augmented reality. As in you point your phone at the bandage, and it plays you a little cartoon.


This Band-Aid for kids or giant man-babies and not-so-little princesses who never grew up projects The Muppets' characters on your iPhone or iPad. The new brand offers Band-Aids for three different characters including Gonzo the Great, Miss Piggy and, of course, Kermit the Frog.

Is this really the best use we had in mind for this amazing technology? Did people like Jules Verne and Albert Einstein ever think we would take such future-stuff and turn it into something like that? Does anyone know how to cure a raging migraine really fast?