Divorce is almost always a sad affair. No matter what the reasons are for the break-up, there are usually hurt feelings and uncertainties about changes in life, the division or property and how to best take care of the children, if there are any.

The Dutch, in all of their ingenuity, have come up with a novel concept. In Amsterdam and The Hague, there is a company that now offers a service where couples can check into a stylish "Divorce Hotel."

Instead of taking advantage of the usual 5-star amenities found in most luxury hotels, the Divorce Hotel offers up an "affordable 5-star divorce, made-to-measure." How it works is pretty straightforward. The pair ready to end their relationship checks into one of the company’s hotels, and then goes through a three-day process. By the end of their stay, they are divorced.

The service is staffed with lawyers and mediators, as well as psychologists, to deal with both the legal and the emotional ramifications of the divorce. And from a strictly business perspective, this type of hotel makes a lot of sense. The costs lawyers, mediators and others rake in from the divorce profession in America alone are in the multibillions.

A stay in the Divorce Hotel may be no picnic in the park, but at least you’ll have an expert staff there that is aware of your needs, ready to pamper you and help you through this painful process. And if that weren’t enough, a reality TV show based on this concept just might be on the way too.

Learn more about the Divorce Hotel below.

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