Pranks involving Porta Potties are generally pretty gross. However this clever ruse from JustForLaughsTV manages to involve a portable toilet but without any unexpected nudity or unfortunate bodily functions. Check out the hidden camera fun below.

What happens is a girl asks an innocent bystander to watch her dog while she uses a Porta Potty. Then a couple of accomplices distract the unsuspecting patsy while the Porta Potty suddenly turns into a scene of a man having a picnic. Where's the girl? Hiding behind the basket.

Needless to say, the recently recruited dog watchers are completely shocked. There are some pretty priceless looks when they realize the girl and the toilet have seemingly ceased to exist.

As clever as the stunt was, it would've been even better if the dog wasn't such a well-behaved pooch. We'd be perfectly happy to take the furry fellow home if his owner really did somehow vanish into thin air.