Ah, corgis. We love 'em. But would we still adore the breed as much if they suddenly caused our kitchen to explode and catch fire? Eh, probably not.

While filming a segment for the Web-based show 'Pet Sense,' Yogi the corgi appears to puncture a can of spray paint, which then ignites an oven's pilot light, resulting in a spectacular explosion and fire.

As dog owner Hali Hudson explains, Yogi has a behavioral issue where he likes to attack cleaning supplies. As a way to demonstrate his problem, Hudson leads the dog beneath her kitchen sink while a film crew records.

Yogi then violently attacks a can of spray paint and covers himself, Hudson and most of the kitchen with black paint. Moments later, a loud explosion rocks the kitchen and a fireball tears through.

Something about this clip leads us to believe that it may not be real, though. Maybe it's Hudson's understated reaction to the fire: "Oh my gosh! Please make it stop!" Or maybe it's the fact that a camera crew just conveniently happened to be filming at the time. Or maybe we're just cynical.

What do you think? Is this clip real or fake? Watch Pet Sense's explanation for what happened below.