We have a lot of friends who are teachers that complain about their unruly students and their even crazier parents, their pay and the unreasonable rules. But, we always say the hours and summers off are worth it. Now, we have something else to show those friends that work's not all that bad -- this video of teachers dancing behind their students.

Right off the bat, "Every Child Left Behind" Productions sets the epic tone. Add in some of the late, great Whitney Houston belting out 'Dance With Somebody' and you've got a surefire hit.

The video was shot on location at Abby Kelly Foster Charter Public School, a K-12 in Worcester, Massachusetts that was founded in 1998. With all the budget cutbacks and downsizing affecting teachers and liberal arts program like music and dance, we think this "videobomb" supercut will go a long way in the argument for keeping them alive.