Now this is a cool video. In just four minutes and eight seconds Eytan and The Embassy, along with a crew of at least 12 others, were able to set a world record with eighteen costume changes in this video for the song 'Everything Changes.' Oh, and no edits. Yeah, that's nuts!

And just what were the costume changes? An array of celebrities! How many can you name?

Did you get them all? If not, that's okay. We're pretty positive you can't just watch this once. From Elton John to Weird Al Yankovic to the one and only David Bowie, this video keeps on delivering.

What we love about it most is the way it was so effortlessly done and not at all cheesy. God only knows how many rehearsals they had prior to actually filming it. Or how many times they had to do it before getting it right. Each costume was perfectly chosen in order to get a sense as to who that artist is.

We're curious as to which was the hardest celeb to pull off. Was it the colorful Elton John outfit, the ever so cool Springsteen change or morphing into Prince?

Whichever it was, the video is so well done. We just can't stop watching.