As any pet owner knows, dogs absolutely hate vacuum cleaners. Many whip themselves into a psychotic barking frenzy at the mere sight of one, which is why it's so surprising to see the pooch in this video cuddling up with a hand vac. And the fact that the dog is one of our favorite breeds -- a corgi -- well, that just makes an already perfect video even better.

The dog, whose name is Corbin (har!), actually rolls over on command and lets his owner vacuum the entire length of his body. Corbin doesn't bark, growl or attempt to run away. In fact, if his lolling tongue is any indication, he loves it.

After a thorough cleaning of his belly, back and head, Corbin looks no worse for wear. Hey, why shell out money for a professional dog groomer when there's a cheaper alternative? Suddenly, we're looking at our trusty Dustbuster in a whole new light.