There's a laundry list of things to avoid when pregnant -- sushi, hair dye, tanning booths -- but we have to think getting tased has to be numero uno.

Unfortunately for Seattle resident Malaika Brooks, getting tased while pregnant is now something she could no longer evade. The expectant mother was driving her 11-year-old son to school when she was pulled over and issued a ticket for "a moving violation."

While the infraction sounds like something from the NBA, the police who delivered the penalty took it very seriously. Malaika felt she wasn't in the wrong, so she refused to sign the ticket. That's a major no-no in the state of Washington -- in fact, it's illegal, so the cops attempted to arrest her. When she refused to get out of the car, that's when the stun gun came out.

After receiving shocks to the leg, arm, and neck, Malaika was convicted for not signing the ticket and sued the officers. She technically lost that case in what amounted to a split decision and now, according to The Stir, the fuzz are appealing to the Supreme Court to clear their names (and their conscience?).

Even if the Supreme Court says they were in the right, these dorks are definitely getting lumped into the same category as the Pepper Spray Cop. No matter how many court documents you carry around stating the excessive force was necessary, everyone will still think you're a mothertaser.

We smell a revenge movie -- the kid is born with superhero-like powers that allow him to harness and use electricity as a weapon. Watch your back, cops. Electro-Man is coming.