Rap artists have long sampled classical music, and 'Saturday Night Live' had a little fun with that phenomenon in a skit featuring Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill and the rest of the cast bursting into an all-out jam set to the tune of a hit by '90s hip-hop sensation Coolio.

In the funny sketch, Wiig and Hill play a couple celebrating an anniversary. Hill leads Wiig blindfolded down the stairs, and then reveals a full string orchestra who are playing what sounds like the 17th century composition 'Pachelbel's Canon.' Wiig is very impressed, indeed, as this classical work is one of her favorite songs.

But, wait, there's a twist. Turns out Coolio's hit 'C U When U Get There,' a melancholy ode to a murdered friend which samples 'Pachelbel's Canon' extensively, is actually what the orchestra is playing.

As you can see, Hill grabs a mic and performs the lyrics in a Coolio-like voice. In fact, we have a feeling the genesis of the sketch was that Hill can rap the tune and was looking for a venue in which to show off his skill.

But the real fun starts when Wiig offers up her own rhymes, leading the entire cast to join in on a sing-along that spills out into the audience. It's the sort of fun, spontaneous live moment that you rarely see on 'SNL' these days.