Now that there are ten Academy Award nominations for best picture, it's probably too much to ask the casual movie fan to have seen each film before the Oscar telecast.

So to help out with that, Conan has been reenacting the nominated films this week in short form. On Wednesday night he tackled 'The Help,' which he described as 'the struggle of one young white woman to expose her town's racism towards the local African American maids."

Conan and Andy were clearly ready fro the reenactment, maybe because they've been practicing their wig play during their Newt and Callista Gingrich spoofs. Conan, in particular , seemed locked into the role of idealistic white woman Skeeter, which fellow redhead Emma Stone played in the real move.

However Deon Cole, the staff writer they enlisted to play the part of the maid, wasn't so into the exercise. Perhaps this is because he suspected he was chosen for the role simply because of the color of his skin, not for his abilities as a re-enactor.

Regardless of the reason, Cole improvised the dialogue in an aggressive manner that some folks may think made the film more entertaining, but wasn't indicative of the actual story. Oh well. Maybe next time they should just use cute puppies for the reenactment. You can never go wrong with cute puppies.