We're about to see a lot of Abe Lincoln. First, the 16th president will be the subject of the alternative history horror film 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,' which hits theaters June 22nd. Then, in December, the Great Emancipator will get the biopic treatment in Steven Spielberg's much-anticipated 'Lincoln.'

But Conan O'Brien always has Honest Abe on the mind, confessing on his late-night show that he has had a "lifelong obsession" with the guy on the five dollar bill. So since he was shooting in Chicago this week, Conan decided to hop on down to Lincoln's hometown of Springfield, Illinois and visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum there.

After checking out the museum, where you could purchase surprisingly trippy Lincoln T-shirts, Conan met with a bunch of Lincoln impersonators and one curiously beard-less fellow. To shake things up a bit, Conan introduced a "sexy" Mary Todd Lincoln to the mix, which seemed to excite the impersonators.

Sure, it wasn't historically accurate to see the former First Lady all tarted up. But if Abraham Lincoln can be a vampire hunter, why shouldn't Mary Todd look like a Maxim covergirl?