A 23-year-old college graduate in the U.K. recently landed a dream job at LEGO as a toy designer. So, how did he do it? Simple, he asked for the job when he was just a kid.

Sam Johnson first contacted LEGO when he was only 8-years-old, and told the company how much he loves their toys and asked how he could get a job. Then, 15 years later, his wish actually came true when he became a junior designer at the Danish company.

Johnson recently completed an undergraduate degree in product design and used LEGO in his final-year project. Lo and behold, LEGO saw his work when it went on display at the New Designers Exhibition in London and they offered him a job located in Billund, Denmark.

"At almost every job interview we have potential candidates telling us about their childhood experiences with Lego bricks, or their children's love for our products," said a LEGO spokesperson. "But I have to say Sam's case is very special, since he so determinedly followed the advice he got from us about employment when he was a young boy."

It's a great message for sure, but not everyone's childhood dreams come true. If they did, we'd be a Jedi right now.