The days of the mixtape are long gone. We know, it's unfortunate. But fear not -- Jeff Skierka is here to remind us all of the good ol' days. He's reinvented our nostalgia in the form of the Mixtape Coffee Table.

Think about the amount of time you spent recording those songs onto a cassette tape, not being able to control yourself because you were so excited to give it to the one you cared about. Nowadays that excitement is gone because making a modern day mixtape is done in about 10 minutes on iTunes.

Bluntly put, it's a giant maple, walnut and Lucite cassette tape with a plexiglass tabletop. However, the amount of detail involved in the table is rather remarkable, being a 12:1 scaled replica of a cassette tape. Think of it as the perfect living room addition for those who find themselves being drawn to modernism. It's cool, funny and an absolute conversation starter--exactly what should be had around a coffee table.

Just because the past is behind us doesn't mean you can't recollect on your younger days. The Mixtape Coffee Table helps us remember our past friendships, significant others and especially how much of a pain it was to rewind those darn cassettes.