A smartphone app has Chubby Checker in a twist.

The legendary performer is suing Hewlett Packard and its subsidiary Palm for $500 million because they sold an app called the "Chubby Checker," which allows users to calculate the size of a fellow's phallus based on his shoe size. (Get it??? Chubby Checker???)

According to the suit, the app "associates his name with obscene, sexual connotation and images, without giving him compensation for the unauthorized use of the Chubby Checker name and trademark."

The app isn't exactly popular, and has only been downloaded by 84 very confused souls since 2010. So that would be almost $6 million a download if Checker is victorious in court. Still, as Huffington Post Weird News noted, this isn't the first time Chubby has been involved in a lawsuit.

But, in a way, Checker has already won. Raise your hand if you even knew Chubby was still alive, let alone promoting a brand new single called 'Changes.'

There is a downside to this publicity, however. If the name 'Chubby Checker' didn't already make you let out a little mental giggle, it should now.