On the one hand, fast food chain Chipotle has been taking more money from their customers than they're technically owed. On the other hand, we knew those enormous burritos were too good to be true. It turns out the company has been rounding up prices on tickets and keeping the change.

This isn't a nationwide problem -- the store only does it in their busiest markets, like New York and New Jersey to keep things moving quickly, which is part of the reason why you never have to wait in line very long at Chipotle. Also they sometimes round down instead of up (whatever makes making change easiest) so sometimes they're the ones getting ripped off. A Chipotle spokesperson says they haven't seen any profit from the policy, which sounds exactly like something a Chipotle spokesperson would say. And in New Jersey, chains will only be rounding down instead of up.

Imagine if you were waiting in an impossibly long line for food, and somebody told you that for three cents they would put an enormous burrito in your hands. We think it's work the bit of extra change to avoid waiting 10 minutes for a quick-service burrito. No qualms here.