Earlier this year, special effects experts SoKrispyMedia scored a viral hit with Chalk Warfare. The concept is that combatants literally draw their weapons -- like a machine gun or a rocket launcher -- out of chalk, and then start firing away.

Like any successful action hit Chalk Warfare begs a sequel, and SoKrispyMediaa has just released a follow up video.

In it, there are more fighters on the green and orange teams. And the weaponry is more advanced too: flamethrowers and mini-tanks are sketched and then used to wreck havoc. (Perhaps in a nod to 'The Hunger Games, a bow and arrow is also chalked and then successfully deployed.)

But as the battle rages, one of the players is drawing something that looks to be a giant super tank. He never gets to use it though because by the time he is done sketching the round is finished. So it looks like we will have to wait for 'Chalk Warfare 3' to see that puppy in action.