Like David, and our favorite girl wizard before him, Chaddy went to the dentist and got the good stuff.

The teenager was still high as a kite when he arrived home after getting his wisdom teeth removed. And that's when things got hilarious as Chaddy's mom recorded his altered reality reaction to the Euro 12 matchup between Russia and the Czech Republic as well as his general musings on life. Check out Chaddy go on about the Russians and their big hats and why everybody has to save up for the Great Depression.

During the video Chaddy talks to his dad on the phone, and cracks him up with his whacked out observations. Chaddy is thrilled his dad thinks he's funny, and tells his pop that he is going to use the money earned from his new found comedic talents to buy his parents a new house with "elevators" which they can use when they are too old to climb the stairs.

The whole thing is actually quite sweet, as well as being very funny. We guess sometimes you don't know what great parents you are until your kid gets really, really high and tells you how he feels.