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No. 16: Abba – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Gracias Por La Musica'
Uh... de nada?
This is the official stamp of '70s Swedish pop/rock. If you wanted to get it there yesterday, slap this bad boy on your package.
The colorful flight suits could indicate the group's about to take you on a flight to "funkytown,"…
No. 46: Millie Jackson – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Back to the S__t!'
This 1989 album by soul queen Millie Jackson features the R&B singer sitting on a toilet with a pair of panties down to her ankles, with a strained expression on her face. First of all, girls don't poop. We know this. It...
Bulldog Hand – Terrible Dog Tattoos
There are many off-color jokes we could make here about not wanting to know where that Bulldog Hand has been. But instead, we'll take the high road and just say that this proves the old idiom, "a bulldog in the hand equals one lonely dude on Friday night...

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