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No. 18: Roger – 50 Worst Album Covers
'The Many Facets of Roger'
Wait, wait... facets? Or faces? We know he can look happy, seductive, inquisitive, ashamed, reflective, amused, impressed, intimidating and mischievous, but the dude only has one outfit.
Don't get us wrong, it's a killer costume -- it's on our short …
No. 17: Fireballet – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Two, Too'
This prog rock group had a pretty decent debut album that was produced by Ian MacDonald. The follow up, which you see to the left, not so much. It would be their last.
The three guys on the left appear to be blown away by gunfire or an explosion...
No. 20: Eilert Pilarm – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Eilerts Jul" (Eilert's Christmas)
This could be the worst impression of the King we've ever seen. Where's the sneer? And the glasses?
Even the Santa hat is off. Instead of a puffy ball at the tip, it looks like a jock sock... a holy hammer sheath...
No. 21: Kjell Kraghe – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Vind I Seglen'
Ever wonder what Godzilla would look like if he were a Swedish singer? Well, wonder no more!
Now, we're no sailors, but don't those boats look super weird? Like, there's one sheet too many? Like two totally different boats mated and these are its offspring...
No. 15: Heatwave – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Boogie Nights'
Come on, guys! "Boogie Nights" is one of the funkiest, most electric jams ever made and you give us this behind-the-scenes candid Twitpic? Basically what you're saying is, "Hey, guys! We just finished our shoot for the cover...
No. 22: Ethel Merman – 50 Worst Album Covers
'The Ethel Merman Disco Album'
Ethel Merman was an American actress and singer who's been called, "the undisputed First Lady of the musical comedy stage." With that said, there's a lot going on here that could be funny, but most likely it's unintentional...
No. 50: Gerhard Polt – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Leberkas Hawaii'
Gerhard Polt is a Bavarian comedian, author, television and film actor. His 1981 release, 'Leberkas Hawaii,' means, "Meat Loaf Hawaii," which makes us think of spam since the Aloha State leads the nation in most spam consumed...
No. 23: Laverne Tripp – 50 Worst Album Covers
'The World of Laverne Tripp'
Couple things come to mind when processing this low budget cover:
1. Is Laverne saying he owns Earth? If so, Mr. Tripp, the next round of drinks is on you.
2. Is Laverne a chameleon? He's able to take on the same coloring as his background...
No. 47: The Beatles – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Yesterday and Today'
WHAT?! How could we say ANYTHING about The Beatles is "the worst"?! Well, how else would you describe this album's artwork? We're not alone in our assessment -- in fact, the album's primarily known FOR its controversial cover...
No. 48: The Frivolous Five – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Sour Cream and Other Delights'
This cover art and album concept is a parody of/ tribute to Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass album, 'Whipped Cream & Other Delights', which featured a sexy 60s brunette, Dolores Erickson, covered in nothing but whipped cream licking her fing…
No. 27: Nelson – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Because They Can'
Why did Nelson put blonde wigs on those dogs? Because they're the twin sons of a Rock 'n Roll Hall of Famer, that's why.
See, when you're the offspring of the rich and famous, you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want...
No. 28: Black Sabbath – 50 Worst Album Covers
You thought we'd dump on the Beastie Boys? No way (RIP MCA). Listen, we hate to rip on Sabbath, but come on, guys - this is so far from metal it makes us think it's trying to hipster-y or ironic. Are we being 'Punk'd'?
They could very easily be wearing wom…
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