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No. 6: Erick and Beverly Massegee – 50 Worst Album Covers
This cover puts Geraldine and Ricky to shame. While the other pair sort of concealed their unrelenting, burning desire for each other by diverting your attention to environmentalism and channeling your inner hippie, this cover makes no bones about what's going on here -- we&apo…
No. 5: Vikingarna – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Kramgoa låtar 7'
Vikings are awesome. At least, our modern day idea of vikings is cool. (Thanks, Capital One.) But, when Vikings actually roamed the seas and villages tearing everyone a new one, it probably was not as LOL as we'd like to imagine...
No. 4: Jim Post – 50 Worst Album Covers
'I Love My Life'
If you're having a bad day, week or year, we highly suggest you drink in the visual delight that is Jim Post winning at this whole life thing. How could he not love his life? He's got lip fur, a pretty decent physique, soulful eyes and a relaxing waterfall...
No. 3: Mrs. Mills – 50 Worst Album Covers
'All Time Party Dances and Other Favourites'
Remember Mimi Bobeck on 'The Drew Carey Show'? We think we just found her fictional mother. Pop some blue eye shadow on this ball of fun, tone down the chipper attitude, and it'd be a carbon copy of Mimi...
No. 2: William Hung – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Hung for the Holidays'
She bangs. She bangs... her stockings with care. The man who won the world over after his off-key rendition of Ricky Martin's 'She Bangs' on the third season of 'American Idol' dropped this merry album on us in October 2004...
No. 1: Shut Up and Dance – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Dance Before the Police Come!'

When we first laid eyes on this cover, we were completely baffled as to which of the two chunks of text was the group's name. Turns out it's Shut Up and Dance, which could be one of the best band names we've ever had the fortune of reading but …
No. 49: Boned – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Up at the Crack'
We're not really morning people, so the idea of waking up to a dude poking us in the face with his axe sticking out of his jeans will definitely get us up and at 'em no matter what time of day.
The band's name and title does make us wonder if they're say…
No. 43: Country Church – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Country Church'
We all know women love a man in uniform and there's nothing sexier than plaid pants and a tank-top/vest over turtleneck combo. The woman pictured sure loves the hay out of it.
We'd like to think the blonde dude is the rebel of the pack -- the black sheep, if you wi…
No. 42: Tino – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Por Primera Vez'
When translated, the title means "For the First Time." It's THE track to play on prom night or during your first skydiving lesson.
The singer -- Constantino Fernandez Fernandez, aka 'Tino' -- had been a member of a child band called Ludo aka…
No. 25: Knorkator – 50 Worst Album Covers
Know how we mentioned the "Governator" in the Manowar album cover entry? Turns out this German heavy metal band is into that kind of suffix. While Knorkator sounds cool, its loose translation puts it on par with the fairly outdated expression, &…
No. 26: Manowar – 50 Worst Album Covers
We all loved Conan the Barbarian as much as the next "Governator," but this look isn't the loud and bombastic aesthetic that ManOWar's eardrum-busting music calls for.
You might think to yourself, well, the technology in the '80s wasn't as ad…
No. 29: Eulenspygel – 50 Worst Album Covers
This is actually PETA's favorite album cover. Believe it or not, this cover caused quite the scandal and was later substituted -- scrambled instead of sunnyside up.
We don't get what the big deal is. The image finally settles the debate of which came first, the chicken or the …
No. 19: Swamp Dogg – 50 Worst Album Covers
'If I Ever Kiss It... He Can Kiss It Goodbye'
Jerry Williams, Jr. took on the moniker 'Swamp Dogg' in 1970, which is the earliest iteration of 'Dogg' we know of. Thus, that makes him the original doggfather.
There are a ton of ways you could interpret the title, but we ha…

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