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No. 35: Freddie Gage – 50 Worst Album Covers
'All My Friends Are Dead'
Uh... hmm... we... we didn't know, man. We're so so sorry. That... sucks. But, you have to move on. It's been like 18 years. You can make new friends. You should come out with us tonight. We'll get some beers, maybe some burgers, have a couple l…
No. 36: Wally Whyton – 50 Worst Album Covers
'It's Me, Mum!'
Oh, cool. For a second there we thought you were Eric Idle and Martin Short's evil clone love child.
We wish we knew about this gem before Mother's Day, but at least we got a jump start on next year.
We didn't even need the album's title to know this g…
No. 37: Joyce – 50 Worst Album Covers
If Ana Gasteyer's 'Saturday Night Live' character, Bobbie Culp -- the woman on the mic alongside Will Ferrell's keyboardist who combine to blast out ballads for school assemblies -- isn't based on this woman, we'll eat our graduation robes...
No. 38: The Ministers Quartet – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Let Me Touch Him'
The last time we let you guys touch him, he couldn't walk for a week. It's important to note that the follow-up to this album is called, 'Then I'll Settle Down.' Sure you will. You said that the last dozen times.
Despite their touch-y, feel-y overt…
No. 39: Orleans – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Waking and Dreaming'
Dreaming? Or nightmar-ing? This photo appears to have been taken a good five seconds or so before a full blown, all-dude orgy.
From what we hear the "anything goes" 1970s were pretty psychedelic, so this sort of nude group hangout must've been li…
No. 40: John Bult – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Julie's Sixteenth Birthday'
This could be the most uncomfortable cover on our list. What in the world is going on here? Julie is having the WORST sweet sixteen known to MTV.
They appear to be at a restaurant or bar. She's bummed for having royally messed up her piano performance..…
No. 14: Heino – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Liebe Mutter'
So, Heino (aka Heinz Georg Kramm) is a German singer who's known for his bass voice, blonde hair and ever-present sunglasses. That reputation must've come after this cover. Yeesh.
Not gonna lie, we thought this was a woman...
No. 13: Mike Adkins – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Thank You For the Dove'
Well, we know how much you love symbols of peace. (Sorry, we couldn't get it to hold an olive branch.)
As offbeat as this might seem, we feel like Mike Adkins might be the kind of guy who once had a great career, a loving family, and was a hit at the party spout…
No. 11: The Singing Postman – 50 Worst Album Covers
'The Best of The Singing Postman'
Despite the stigma that all postal service employees are either driven insane by their presumably uneventful job or just bitter to the point of losing all human decency, most mailmen or women are a jovial bunch...
No. 10: Swamp Dogg (Again) – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Rat On'
Look familiar? Apparently, this dude is a noted songwriter who produced a bunch of award-winning tracks for other artists. Album covers for his projects? They win awards that are on par with the Razzies.
The internet owes a tremendous debt of gratitude for Swamp Dogg...
No. 9: Jeff Beck – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Emotion and Commotion'
Honestly, we can't really give Jeff any guff over this album cover. There's only so much you can do with the title. What's going to stir up both emotion AND commotion?
A bald eagle symbolizing patriotism, an electric guitar symbolizing the spirit of rock 'n' roll - a bastion of…
No. 8: Geraldine and Ricky – 50 Worst Album Covers
'Trees Talk, Too!'
This cover makes us think that human/dummy sex could be a full blown, legitimate fetish. How many ventriloquists do you think fall in love with their dummies? Well, we're at least probably sure Geraldine and Ricky did...
No. 7: Aphex Twin – 50 Worst Album Covers
It's pretty well known that Aphex Twin is a weird dude. He's been called, "The most inventive and influential figure in contemporary electronic music" and has recorded under 14 or 15 different aliases. That puts Method Man to shame...

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