Original, Terrifying ‘Keyboard Cat’ Video Unearthed
Keyboard Cat has been one of the Internet's most enduring memes since it came into prominence in 2009.
The now famous video of a cat playing a jaunty keyboard tune was actually recorded in 1984, and only became popular after it was uploaded onto YouTube many years later.
But it turns out the origins o…
The Best Viral Videos of 2011 — Chosen by You!
The votes have been tallied and YOU, our lovely TheFW readers, have selected the best viral videos of the year in the categories of dogs, cats, animals, babies, kids, and dance, as well as most heartwarming video, and biggest internet sensation.
Now we present all of our winners -- like Randall the H…
‘Community’ Fans Organize Occupy NBC Flash Mob [VIDEO]
While 'Community' has never drawn the strongest ratings during its three-year run -- in fact, it was NBC's lowest rated comedy in 2011 -- it may have the most dedicated followers of any show on television.
On Thursday, dozens of fans of the zany sitcom protested NBC's decision to remove 'Community' f…
Nyan Cat — Everything You Need to Know [IMAGES, VIDEO]
Nyan Cat is an animated half-cat/half-Pop-Tart flying through the stars with a rainbow shooting out of its butt. Hey, you asked.
It's not the first popular animation of a cat, but it became particularly popular after the original animated gif was paired with Momo Momo's version of the …

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