The Funniest Memes Ever (This Week)
The Web is teeming with hilarious memes. Every day, some unsuspecting person, dog or cartoon character has some clever words slapped on their photo before being circulated around the internet. But which memes are the funniest? That's where we come in.
‘Scumbag Steve’ Has His Own NSFW Rap Song
In case you've lived this long without hearing about him, Scumbag Steve is a popular macro meme featuring a young adult wearing a sideways baseball hat who is very sleazy and always up to no good. (Thus his name.)
As it turns out, Scumbag Steve is also a real person named Blake Boston, a.k.a "We…
14 Animals With Skrillex Hair
If there's anything more recognizable than Skrillex's music, it's his unique side-swooped hair. (He's basically the Justin Bieber of the electronica world.) The unique hairstyle has a Twitter Account, and has even been adopted by other celebrities. Now, animals are star…
‘Lawyer Dog’ Meme Has a Nose for Justice
If this was 20 years ago, 'Lawyer Dog' would be a sitcom. And it would be awful. Luckily, these days, 'Lawyer Dog' can just be an Animal Advice meme, in which the comic possibilities of a dog lawyer can been illustrated without killing the joke in a cringe-worthy way.
The Best ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’ Memes
In less than two weeks, Zeddie Watkins Little went from any good-looking runner to internet superstar thanks to one simple photograph.
Bestowed the title of the "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy," Little appeared more stock photo model than actual jogger while mid-stride during this year's South…

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