10 Sad ‘Futurama’ GIFs in Honor of the Series Finale
Well, 'Futurama' is over. The final episode aired last night. We...don't feel great about it. But why use words to describe our feelings, when we could use moving pictures. No, not videos -- GIFs! These sad GIFs from 'Futurama' sum up our feelings on the end of the beloved a…
11 To Do Lists We Would Definitely Follow
We've all been swamped with things to do at one point or another, and while our daily tasks can seem a bit overwhelming at times, making a list can help keep us on track. Don't know where to start? We suggest you take a cue from these awesome to-do lists.
30 GIFs to Celebrate Beyonce’s Birthday
Happy 32nd birthday, Beyonce! While our private plans to celebrate include listening to 'Halo' over and over again and crying in the bathtub, we thought publicly we should amass a butt-ton of GIFs to celebrate the glory of Bey.
A College Survival Guide for Incoming Freshmen
Labor Day has come and gone, which means it's time for school to start. We thought we'd impart a few choice bits of wisdom for incoming college freshman so they can look back on their first semester without cringing in humiliation years down the road.
The Funniest, Weirdest and Most Ridiculous TV Pilots Ever Produced
Imagine for a second that the movie industry operated the same way that TV does. That would mean that every year, tons of half-hour and one-hour movies would be produced, most of which would never see the light of day. The TV biz makes hundreds of pilots every year, and only a handful ever make it t…

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