10 Creative Uses of Snapchat
Snapchat is a clever little app. It basically lets people add captions and draw all over pictures then send 'em to fellow Snapchatters. There are plenty of times this could (and does) get sorta weird, but there are also really clever users who go the creatively funny route.
18 Extremely Unfortunate Font Choices
The problem with getting all fancy with fonts is that sometimes your store that sells pouches looks like a store full of douches. (We're pretty sure this is exclusively a Renaissance fair problem.)
14 Funny Apology Notes From Kids
When you've done something wrong, the right and obvious thing to do is apologize. And hopefully, you learned this in like, preschool. Of course you can get face-to-face time and give a simple "sorry" to the person you did wrong, but sometimes that just doesn't cut it. Som…
14 First World Problems Created By iOS 7
Whether you're an iPhone fan or not, you're probably well aware iOS 7 was released yesterday. For all non-users, this basically means the phone's software was amped up a bit, which sounds like it'd be totally cool, but as soon as people could download it, Twitter exploded with co…
15 Inspiring Quotes From Your Favorite Childhood Authors
Now that you are all grown up, and stressing out about paying your bills, wondering whether or not this is really all that life is, and that rather distressing throbbing sensation coming from the general vicinity of where you think your kidneys are, you probably think that the books from your childh…
Please Stop Saying ‘Just Sayin’ — It Is Awful
When it comes to expressing opinions nowadays, Twitter's probably your best bet at reaching the masses, not that anyone will care. Who do you think should play Batman? Or what are your thoughts about a topless Geraldo selfie?  Here's a neat trick to making your opinion sound like it's so obvious it …
13 Hilarious Netflix Fails
If you're part of the amazing world that is Netflix, you know there's a handy little recommendation feature. Basically, Netflix suggests programs based off what you've previously watched, and it's spot on most of the time. However, there are some instances where things get a litt…
The Worst Comic Book TV Shows
With 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiering this month,' 'Arrow' entering its second season and 'The Walking Dead' season four on the way, we are currently in a renaissance of comic book TV shows.

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