The Best of the ‘Paul Ryan Gosling’ Meme
When it was announced that Republican Paul Ryan would be running as Mitt Romney's sidekick for vice president, the world noticed a few things. One, the guy's name is two first names and that is just plain ridiculous. Two, this dude is in shape, and, three, his surname shares a first name with Americ…
Color Your Crush With the Ryan Gosling Coloring Book
Attention obsessive fans of Ryan Gosling -- are you ready to add more wood to the fire burning inside of you? Well, the days of our youth are coming back to us in full Gosling-fashion. The coloring books of our past were filled with houses, dogs and fire hydrants. However, the coloring books of toda…
Crocs Founder Blames Taylor Swift for DUI
Ever heard of Crocs? You know, those ugly foam clog-like shoes? Well, apparently the guy who founded the company was able to make some money with those things and buy himself a Porsche. And years later (on August 11th to be precise), he crashed his car and blamed it all on his "girlfriend,&…
Watch Hillary Clinton Boogie Down in South Africa
Talk about fun! Who knew Hillary Clinton was able to get down and shake her groove thing like the rest of us? Because that's just what she was caught on video doing while at an event in South Africa. Truly this is a side of the Secretary of State that few before have ever witnessed.

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