See the Cast of ‘Uncle Buck’ Then and Now
John Candy was John Hughes' favorite actor and appeared in eight of the late writer/director's films, although often in smaller roles. But Candy was the undisputed star of the Hughes' comedy 'Uncle Buck,' which was a box office hit in 1989.
See the Cast of ‘Coneheads’ Then and Now
Based on the classic 'SNL' sketch and released in 1993, 'Coneheads' starred Dan Aykroyd as the patriarch of an alien family, distinguished by their large, conical (and comical) heads. 20 years later, we look back at the cast of this classic comedy -- and one of the better 'S…
7 More ‘Sling Bling’ Ideas for Mariah Carey
After dislocating her shoulder while filming the music video for her new single, '#Beautiful,' Mariah Carey was left with her arm in a sling. But a diva like Mimi isn't going to walk around with her arm dangling in a canvas sack. Oh, no.

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