Bossy Toddler Gives Dad the Business
Little August doesn't want help buckling her car seat. In fact, she recommends that you "worry 'bout yourself!" We love it. It's like the polite toddler version of "why don't you mind your own business, jerk?"
13 Penguin GIFs and Photos to Brighten Your Day
Last week we introduced you to the phenomenon that is hedgehog GIFs. It’s a simple yet totally effective concept when it comes to cheering up. But have you yet discovered the power of the penguin? These tiny nuggets of adorable are equally fantastic day brighteners, simply because pe…
The 9 Cutest Easter Baby Bunnies
Easter's right around the corner, so it's time to get into the holiday spirit. Create some awesome eggs, stuff yourself with Peeps--whatever floats your Easter boat. If none of this prep works for you though, we say take a cue from these Easter bunny babies.
10 Kids Struggling to Stay Awake While Eating
Being a kid can be super exhausting. Between all the playing and watching cartoons and giving presidential pep talks, it's no wonder tots get sleepy during the day. In fact they get so tired, not even eating can keep the munchkins awake. Luckily for us, this makes for ridiculously adorable resu…
14 Adorable Superman Babies
You know how Superman and Clark Kent are the same person? It's pretty wild that a nerdy dude could turn into a super muscular, flying guy, but that's the awesomeness that is a superhero. It's the sort of cool stuff kids eat right up, which is why it's no surprise there's a w…
11 Adorable Window Face Smushes
The window face smush-- it's something we've all done at one point or another, probably way back in childhood (or yesterday...). The great thing about it is that the face smash has one simple purpose-- to make people laugh.

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