18 Pictures of Baby Moose, Just Because
Running into a full-grown moose in real life would be terrifying at worst, disconcerting at best. Running into a tiny baby moose, on the other hand, would be adorable. Who knew? Now you know. Enjoy these pictures of little moose calves.
11 Dogs Having Their Own Pool Parties
Today marks the official kick off to summer, which means pool season is in full swing. Few things are better than cannonballing into a pool when it's hot and sticky outside, and we've found a group of pups who seem to agree.
Here’s a Baby Otter Playing With a Stuffed Walrus
The work week is only halfway over, so here is a video of a baby otter playing with a stuffed walrus. You probably need this.  If stuffed walruses aren't your thing, don't worry -- there are other toys. So many toys. Our Wednesday is now complete...

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