12 Animals Hugging It Out
There are certain times when we just need a hug. You know-- when we thought Twinkies were going extinct or after the 'Game of Thrones' 'Red Wedding' episode, AKA hard-hitting stuff.
Enjoy These Manatees Wearing Sunglasses
Are you enjoying your summer? Do you know what would probably make you enjoy it a little more? Some pictures of manatees wearing sunglasses. Why? Just look at them -- we think it's pretty obvious. They're the ultimate chilled-out summer animals.
10 Adorable Animals Trying to Play Soccer
The world's most popular sport isn't just for humans. In addition to robots, animals are also quite smitten with the sport, perhaps because it doesn't require opposable thumbs. Whatever the reason, one thing's certain -- when animals get their paws on a soccer ball, d'awwwws…

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