If you live in suburbia and own a cat, you must have wondered where your feline friend goes when  it decides to take a stroll outside the house. South Carolina-based German engineer Juergen Perthold wondered the same thing, which is why he decided to build a portable camera that could be worn around his cat's neck.

Dubbed "The CatCam," the footage from the camera Perthold's cat, Mr. Lee, brought back is now the subject of a documentary premiering at the SXSW festival. Check out the trailer for 'CatCam' below.

The CatCam is engineered to capture both video and photographs, and had to go through several builds as Mr. Lee's adventures outside often saw the camera getting damaged. Once Perthold got the CatCam back intact, he was amazed by the mysterious life of his cat. The photographic evidence of Mr. Lee's travels intrigued Perthold, and he decided to share the footage on the internet. Cats and the internet? Needless to say, the response Perthold got was overwhelming. Both the owner and Mr. Lee have since been featured in numerous news reports and various pet magazines.

Hundreds of cat owners from around the world have also placed orders for the CatCam, which according to Perthold can take up to three weeks to build and deliver. It's a perspective to the world we rarely see and a secret life you never knew your cat had, so we're not surprised by CatCam's success. That said, we wouldn't be surprised if the CatCam picked up a lot of mouse chasing footage.