We here at TheFW know you are looking for fun websites and blogs to waste spend time on and forward to your friends. Which is why we're offering a weekly round-up of the sites, blogs, Tumblrs and more that we're currently obsessed with. Take a look at a few of our recent faves below, and feel free to share yours in the comments. 

Cat Scientists of the 1960s

We think cats are geniuses in their own right, and we know you do, too. But some people, unfortunately, need a little more convincing. Peter Vidani is not one of those people, but his Tumblr, Cat Scientists of the 196os, will probably turn all those haters into cat lovers. Who wouldn't crack a smile at the sight of Einstein's body with a cat's head?

Owner's Eyes

Everybody's always comparing the pet to its owner and in some cases the resemblances are uncanny. The Tumblr blog Owner's Eyes, by Jason Travis, is dedicated to making you see these similarities, even if that means PhotoShopping the owner's eyes onto his or her pet. The results are remarkably creepy.


Haven't you ever browsed through Stumbleupon, clicking the "Stumble" button and wondering, "Gee, why isn't there an adorable cat version of this?" Well, there is. You just weren't looking in the right spot for it. This ingenious site syncs up a cat video to an amazingly perfect song. Don't like the song and cat? Click refresh for another selection. Try it once, you'll be addicted. And you'll never hear 'Kung-Fu Fighting' the same way again.

Batman Running Away From Sh*t

The best parts about the old 'Batman' TV show are when Batman and his sidekick Robin are running away from... stuff. That's probably why Roberto Salvador decided it would be in the best interest of everyone to stick random scenes (everything from Temple Run to 'Jersey Shore') in the background and have the masked crusader run away from it. Simple, but timeless.

Lucille Bluth Meets Mitt Romney

This hilarious Tumblr offers up Mitt Romney quotes over photos of 'Arrested Development' character Lucille Bluth (ably played by Jessica Walter). The result is both perfect and makes us hope the 'Arrested' gang will hurry up and make new episodes already.