Stuffing a beloved pet is creepy enough. But using the taxidermied remains to create a flying machine like this Dutch artist did? Well, as far as we're concerned, that goes beyond ghoulish and may just border on totally bonkers.

After his cat Orville was killed by a car, Bart Jansen had the animal stuffed, attached propellers to each of its paws, placed a remote control engine inside its stomach and created a cat-copter that he calls the "Orvillecopter."

Incredibly, the contraption is actually capable of flight. "Now he is flying with the birds," Jansen wrote in a YouTube video showing the machine's maiden voyage. "The greatest goal a cat could ever reach!"

After Jansen debuted the grisly contraption at the KunstRai ArtFair in Amsterdam last weekend, however, many people were appalled. The Dutch Party for the Animals, for example, has stated that it will send a letter of complaint to the art festival's organizers. And, they worry that Jansen's cat-copter could inspire even freakier works of art.

"If you can do this with an animal now, what will you do tomorrow? Even more tricks with an animal in the name of art?," asked Party for the Animals leader Johnas van Lammeren.

What do you think? Is Jansen's cat-copter amusing or disturbing?