Texting while walking -- we've all seen others do it. (And we've even done it ourselves. Come on, admit it.) But now, police in Fort Lee, NJ, are cracking down on what they call "careless walkers."

Authorities define "careless walkers" as those who text while walking against traffic signals, wander into traffic while yapping (or tapping) on their phones or even listen to music on their iPods while oblivious to the dangers ahead.

According to Fort Lee Police Chief Thomas Ripoli, the department have tried handing out pamphlets and brochures advising the public about the harms of careless walking, but it's barely made an impact. Now Ripoli has ordered his officers to issue tickets on the spot to careless walkers. And although there are no specific charges, unlike reckless driving, Chief Ripoli said his officers "will know it when they see it."

Yet another restriction on our freedom or reasonable method to ensure we don't take a tumble into a sinkhole? Check out this CBS report on the rising problem below.