While we have all seen our pets stretch and yawn better than we humans possibly can, ever imagined what our dogs and cats would look like if they stretched their bodies to do yoga exercises?

Photographer Dan Borris and his former yoga teacher wife Alejandra pictured the same and recently unveiled a calendar featuring photographs of dogs and cats doing just that.

The couple from San Antonio, TX, put their talents together and rounded up rescue dogs and cats from a local animal shelter for the project. They spent hours in the studio taking photographs of the animals in various poses. Now, it should be painfully obvious to anyone who owns a pet, getting your dog to stay still for a photograph is next to impossible. Which is why Borris said it was all about "patience" - and "PhotoShop." After getting the photos he wanted, experts spent hours digitally manipulating the photographs to get the poses as close as possible to the real thing.

That's the hilarity of the project -- the poses are very much the real exercises in yoga. And just so you know, no animals were harmed in the making of this calendar. In case you just glanced at the photos before reading, we'll say it again: the poses are computer-generated. See more shots below.